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Helping businesses through a range of visual strategies and design system questions during any point of business growth.  

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Please note, the packages are our standard offerings, but we’re more than happy to customize these to suit your needs. Inquire below and we’ll respond in 48 hours.



Ideal for small, and medium sized businesses, self-employed (with staff), entrepreneurs, consultants, and consultancies, businesses with online and/or physical presence. 

1. Logo
2. Visual Identity
3. Branding Guideline
4. Social Graphics
5. Animated Logo



Ideal for larger reach businesses, companies, parent brands with various sub-brands, and government institutions, as well as: self-employed with staff, entrepreneurs, consultants and consultancies, mid-sized to large size companies and businesses.

1. Logo
2. Full Visual Identity 
3. Branding Guideline
4. Social Graphics
5. Animated Logo
6. Motion Graphic Elements
7. Design Strategy 



Either pick and choice your services, or a deadline is due in a week. Whatever the project our day, week, and monthly rates are suited for those tight windows of opportunity. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Projects we’ll address: 

1. 2D Amination
2. Animated Logo
3. Branding Guideline
4. Design Strategy
5. Digital Graphics
6. Logo Design
7. Motion Graphics
8. Print Graphics
9. Social Graphics
10. Visual Identity
11. Website Design

the approach

Focus on what matters and partner with solutions

Our mission is to help organizations better represent themselves and to make building, owning, and maintaining branded materials an easy process. We specialize in working with small and mid-sized business brands.

Partnering with clients who are having challenging conversations about what makes great design and how to tell a visual story. But more importantly at the end of the day the focus is on kick ass design and keeping your objectives at the center of all the activity. Through actively listening and development of strategies the work delivered changes how we’ll do business together.



“Work with us” is first step to your project. It will take up to 24 hours to evaluate and reach out to schedule a time to discuss your project.


Together we will establish timelines, milestones, expectations, and cost. 


Great opportunity to share your ideas, assets, direction, and/or inspiration. 


Upon approvals we’ll finalize and hand-off all assets to you.

Why Us?

You're top of mind

When the work created evokes a feeling with your brand we all thrive. The pursuit of a higher visual standard through useful, well crafted, functional, and what just works systems is my focus. Through endless creative energy, it’s a natural push of focus towards projects that attracts attention and drives a response.

you have a problem

What I’ve learned in 20 years, everything done revolves around the branding system. Designing logo’s, visual identities, motion and graphic design with effective listening skills and a solution based approach. Your brave questions are the focus and with experiences, the openness to new approaches, and skills foundationally rooted we’ll find resonating solutions.

you want process

Understanding your business needs is part of our process and together we’ll carefully plan a strategy all the while providing you with design solutions. From promotional and event materials to motion graphics, my focus is pointed towards the details all the while seeing the larger picture. 

your Content
Drives creative

It’s privilege to work with new clients and view each connection as a partnership. Let’s talk about your sale pitches, marketing collateral, or one off projects with tight turnarounds. My experience and dedication to our profession can only be felt by contacting our team. Let’s answer “what if we…?”

What they say....

John Kirkpatrick

V.P., Digital Marketing

“….designing powerhouse for our lean team at Next Glass and tackled a lot of different projects thrown his way with precision. From establishing refreshed brand guidelines and lead gen. focused digital ads to direct mail and video. I would love if our paths crossed again someday.”

Carolyn Chan

Director, Brand Design

“…impressed our team and senior executives with his creativity, technical design skills and commitment to producing best-in class design work for our organization…elevated the quality of design work that our team provides to both our clients internally and externally…”

Victoria Ruff

Senior OTT Partner Manager

“…excelled with unique client creative requests, from quick-turn digital banner creations to skilled creative art direction. We have access to a number of creative designers but I always like working with Jamie because he does the best job against the tightest deadlines.”

Byron Nash

Creative Director Motion 

“…Strong designer…use of color and typography is impressive…takes time to fully develop the look and fleshes out the brand in detail.”

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