Innovation day

The Innovation Day concept for 2018 moves beyond the corporate NBCUniversal brand and borrows inspiration from the Upfronts campaign to establish a look and feel that can stand on its own. Beautifully simple in design (thanks in part to Adri Ramdeane), the logotype celebrates the spirit and connectivity of innovation. The cool color palette, lighting effects, and recognizable talent aid in developing a positivity linking what moves NBCUniversal forward. Celebrating powerful characters and iconic moments. 

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Logo Design

Design System

The ask

Build an environment that reflects the innovation and aspirations of the client partnership/marketing teams. 

The goal is not just to create designs that meet the requirements of a list of deliverables, but to push the boundaries of creativity and construct a singular experience that is innovative, modern, and unexpected. Through active listening and objective examination we crafted a robust design system that met the demands of space diversity. 

Pitch Deck 


Sign up and email capture website. 

Event day

The conference was held on the rotunda floor and inside the famous Studio 8H of 30 Rockefeller. 

Wayfinding as you enter down stairs of 30 Rockefeller. 

As you enter the upper levels of the conference space, wayfinding directing attendees into Studio 8H. 

Event credentials displays wifi and password, name of, and title. 

16 banners placed around event spaces (i.e., rotunda, entrances, Studio 8H, etc.).  

Day of event printed agenda handed  to each person as well as at tables.  

Printed table tents

rotunda digital and media wall

Video and motion graphics package with rotoscoping as well as masking of transition effects. Video featured during the day of the event as well as promotional materials. 

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