Bold Conference

BOLD hosted its second bi-annual connections event for 20 college students in surrounding New York City schools and organizations. Supported by 20 Ad Sales employees across all levels and departments, the event offered students career guidance and insight into the world of opportunities within NBCU Ad Sales.

Visual Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Creative Content


Bolder and brighter. Logo was derived from the NBC’s iconic peacock logo representing the six divisions. As a identity inherited from third party – we took ownership and expanded into a richer color inspired application throughout the system. Utilizing a diverse color palette – we created a fun world of inspiration conversations and expectations. 

Visual identity to
logo redesign

Received the logo from an external agency and quickly realized we need to run through a process to ensure we achieved flexibility of the design, but more importantly without impacting the history of the design.


Examining the version provided we quickly saw it needed an alternative. 

event merchandise

Working with committee volunteers to develop a list of merchandise and preferred print vendors. 

promotional video

Fun and informative would best describe the committees vision.

Digital and social

Day of presentation. 

A marketing campaign.

Social touch point. 

Website (Ceros) and email

Wrap up and marketing tool. Using Ceros platform (HTML 5), to design and attached to email campaign. Designed with end user in mind and keeping aligned with BOLD’s guidelines. 

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