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Design and Branding PACKAGE

The logo packages are our standard offerings, but I’m more than happy to customize these to suit your needs. 



A lasting logo grabs the attention of your customers and clients, making a strong first impression and fostering brand understanding. Ideal for funded start-ups and small sized businesses, self-employed (with staff), entrepreneurs, consultants, and consultancies, businesses with online and/or physical presence. This package is great for businesses with a smaller budget and covers the basics to establish a brand for your biz.


+ 5 point questionnaire
+ One concept and mood board
+ Two rounds of revisions
+ Primary Logo
+ Secondary Logo
+ Brand Marks
+ 2D Animated Logo
+ One Page Branding Guideline
+ Three Social Graphics
+ Final files in print and digital formats
+ Custom color palette
+ Typography styling
+ Right of usage agreement



A lasting brand has the ability to make people feel a certain way, by creating trust between you and the audience. It’s all about making your business resonating with constituency so that it stands out from your competitors. This Mega Tool branding package is perfect for clients who are after a full identity for their biz. This package is meant for larger reaching businesses, companies, or a parent brand with various sub-brands. We also suggest this package for small businesses with 6-10 staff members, an entrepreneur who’s experiencing rapid growth, and mid-sized companies with limited creative staff.


+ In-depth design questionnaire
+ One concept and mood board
+ Two rounds of revisions
+ Primary Logo
+ Secondary Logo
+ Brand Marks
+ An Animated Logo
+ 4-5 Page Branding Guideline
+ Three Social Graphics  
+ Final files in print and digital format
+ Custom color palette
+ Typography styling
+ Right of usage agreement

Additional graphic elements, which may include: 
+ Brand pattern or icon
+ Website favicon
+ Email signature
+ Instagram & Facebook profile images
+ 5x Instagram highlight covers
+ 3x Instagram editable templates


Design Services

Either pick and choice your services, or a deadline is due in a week. Whatever the project our day, week, and monthly rates are suited for those tight windows of opportunity. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

2D Amination
+ Animated Logo
+ On-Air Graphics
+ Motion Design
+ Title Sequencing
+ Social Media Graphics

Digital Graphics
+ Banner Ads
+ Social Media Ads
+ Stadium Video Boards

Logo Design

Print Graphics
+ Business cards
+ Thank you cards
+ Gift cards
+ Postcards
+ Flyers
+ Promotional products & apparel
+ Labels
+ Stickers
+ Signage
+ Posters
+ Banners
+ Menus
+ Package Design
+ Custom illustrations

Social Graphics
+ Guidelines
+ Templates
+ Gif

Website Design (No Code)

My approach

Focus on what matters and partner with solutions

It all starts with a logo design.

Beckwith Creative is a boutique creative studio that specializes in helping organizations craft lasting custom and memorable logos, websites, and graphic design projects. My belief is that powerful visuals complete the full story of an organization, giving the world an instantly recognizable symbol of the goals, values, and mission.

My mission is to help organizations better represent themselves through a guided process of strategizing, building, and managing branded materials. By helping businesses and organizations craft compelling visuals and designs, you stand out in the marketplace and provide a lasting impression on customers and clients.

My design process


Contact me and within 24 hours I’ll have evaluated and reached out to schedule a time to discuss your project. 


Together we will establish timelines, milestones, level set expectations, and outline cost structure. 


Great opportunity to share your ideas, assets, direction, and/or inspiration. 


Upon approvals we’ll finalize and hand-off all assets and documents to you.

It's a solid choice....

You're top of mind

When the work created evokes a feeling with your brand we all thrive. The pursuit of a higher visual standard through useful, well crafted, functional, and what just works systems is my focus. Through endless creative energy, it’s a natural push of focus towards projects that attracts attention and drives a response.

you have a problem

What I’ve learned throughout my career, everything done revolves around the branding system. I design logo’s, visual identities, motion and graphics with effective listening skills and a solution based approach. Your questions are the focus and with experiences, the openness to new approaches, and skills foundationally rooted together we’ll find resonating solutions.

you want process

Understanding your business needs is part of the process and together we’ll carefully plan a strategy all the while providing you with design solutions. From promotional and event materials to motion graphics, my focus is pointed towards the details all the while seeing the larger picture. 

your Content
Drives creative

It’s privilege to work with new clients and view each connection as a partnership. Let’s talk about your sale pitches, marketing collateral, or one off projects. Collectively let’s grab your content and make compelling materials for engaging conversation.  

What they say....

John Kirkpatrick

V.P., Digital Marketing

“….designing powerhouse for our lean team at Next Glass and tackled a lot of different projects thrown his way with precision. From establishing refreshed brand guidelines and lead gen. focused digital ads to direct mail and video. I would love if our paths crossed again someday.”

Carolyn Chan

Director, Brand Design

“…impressed our team and senior executives with his creativity, technical design skills and commitment to producing best-in class design work for our organization…elevated the quality of design work that our team provides to both our clients internally and externally…”

Victoria Ruff

Senior OTT Partner Manager

“…excelled with unique client creative requests, from quick-turn digital banner creations to skilled creative art direction. We have access to a number of creative designers but I always like working with Jamie because he does the best job against the tightest deadlines.”

Byron Nash

Creative Director Motion 

“…Strong designer…use of color and typography is impressive…takes time to fully develop the look and fleshes out the brand in detail.”

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