Logo dimensions 2100pixels by 400 pixels.

Reimaging a food favorite

Feeding a neighborhood

A closed pizzeria in the historic Hell’s Kitchen of New York City. The project focused on developing a branding identity that was representative of the quirky and fun under tones of the restaurant. Reflective in the typography and the color choices, the mission was to bring an intense vocabulary to each touch point of the pizzeria. 

Branding Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Guidelines

Branded Collateral

The ask

Hypothetical, develop a visual strategy aligned with a new marketing initiatives and reflective of the neighborhoods changing demographics.  

Even though this project was spec’d, we made assumptions of the deliverables and took first steps in our process, explore. 

Take out

Breaking from the traditional white box with red ink graphic, UM’s packaging mockups are designed to shed that choice and be highly visible on the street. 

Promotional material

3″ Pulpboard Square Coaster 

3″ Pulpboard Square Coaster 

Two sweatshirts with Uncle Mario branding. Merch moch up showcasing the style of the brand.

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