one billionth check-in

In 2021 Untappd celebrated it’s One Billionth check-in on the Untappd beer app. With key sponsorship and well-crafted messaging, the creative team set out to develop a campaign focused on two key marketing initiatives; drive user engagement and increase social activity across Next Glass holdings (i.e., Untappd, Hop Culture, and Beer Advocate).

Branding Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Guidelines

Branded Collateral

The ask

The visual voice features bold color choices and galactical graphics that speaks to the enormity of this accomplishment. We aimed for a friendly and fun were the objective of the day and it just works. Additional graphics we designed as cta’s for the contest running in tandem with the campaign. Additional web graphics and light back end coding was part of our efforts.

Visual strategy

Overall design plays on “out of this world” and making history. Working with marketing teams the objectives were to increase casual usage and drive social while pollinating across all five brands.  

Thousands of likes

Social media campign

Working with Social Media Team, we developed a launch cadency and schedule as well as content matrix. A month long campaign increases social engagement – due in part to contest requirements – but also the fanbase interest in beer badges. 

website campaign

Using mail chimp to create a landing page marketing launched a soft site to push viewers to untappd’s blogg site. Once again the design encircled the boldness of the primary graphics and some platforms required basic html.  

Design polinators

Banners were dropped across five brands (Beeradvocate, hop culture, untappd, untappd business, beer drop). Working with main sponsor, beer drop, the campaigned was designed to capturing the moment of check-in and sponsorship giveaway. Design intention was bright, bold, and attracting banners. 

in app badge

The design of the app plays on the ideas of “out of this world” and “making history.” The community of untappd users is tough and trying new approaches (i.e., adding text to badge, bold color, standardize illustrations, etc.) is always debated with strong passionate expressions. At the end of the day marketing goal was to be increase casual users. 

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