Digital Design

Email &
Quick Caps

This type of email communication displays executions of client campaigns and is intended  for the use by Client Partnership and Marketing teams. These examples showcase several of the clients who’ve teamed with NBCUniversal vast properties. After a rigorous problem validation process these styles became the new standard for campaign recaps. 


Content Design


The ask

How to merger measurable innovation with current communication practices. The goal is not just to create designs that meet the requirements of a list of deliverables, but to push the boundaries of creativity and design with measurable results while constructing a singular experience that is innovative, modern, and unexpected. 

Quick Caps

While working with NBUniversal’s marketing and client partnership teams a goal was to establish design and project process while establishing new standards. First we established a work process – focused on flow of communication and approval cycles. Next we standardized content requirements. Lastly, since each design went beyond an aesthetic solution with an integration with Ceros platform. It presented another dimension of measurable user experience and only when we collectively agreed to standards did the creative work address teams KPIs.  

Email design

Working with marketing to help close sales cycles and promote agency. 

Using product teams icons for continuity – generated email templates for Untappd for Business retention and sales team. 

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