Ceros Interactive

A light code html 5 cloud based designed platform implemented to better measure open rates and innovate content presentations. Through principles of design, user experience, and interaction the end materials replaced a portion of email marketing efforts and with detailed metric systems it was a no brainer to implement. Additionally, anyone with a login can check status – which helps with tight time tables and questions to milestones. 

Data and Content

Process Evaluation

Solution Execution

Interactive Email

The ask

Solution based approach, asked to create an interactive version of email campaigns and quick caps. Criteria of each design was a highly visual, user experience first, singular design that will allow for marketing teams and sales to edit on the fly. Additionally, the design has to be an impactful presentation reflecting the networks/teams properties efforts in meeting clients KPI’s. 

Design process

Upon completing the creative brief – the exploration process begins with wireframe and approvals (idea validation). The requestor collected content and we work back from launch date. Ceros provided flexibility in the feedback loop, quick approvals, and launch dates. However, at the time Ceros was only compatible with Chrome and something the marketing teams missed during solutions validation process. 

Sharnado Wireframe Landing Page

Sharnado Wirefram Sections

Red Nose Wire Frame 

Sharnado SyFY

Inspiration from movie key artwork, defined the hero image with incorporating the Dodge Challenger and rest of the design. 

GMC & Chicago

Campaign showcasing the intergration of GMC inventory with NBC’s four Chicago produced inventory. 

Annual red nose

A day marathon to raise money against poverty

WWE take overs

A design system given to the WWE sales team. 

Jimmy and Bud Light

Client Partnership teams distribution to internal and external 

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