Saddle up weekend

In 2019 INSP was addressing the visual identities for a number of on-air assets. Not forgetting previous iterations, the geometry unifies while added motion provides greater drama and informs a new design system. The start of the process was developing iconic new ID – designed by Oscar Arango – featuring western flourishes of geometry and was carried through all interactions from pre-rolls to campaign end-tags.  

Promax Award Finalist
June 2019
Associated with INSP, LLC
Syndicated Program Campaign category for the “INSP Saddle Up Weekends 2018 Campaign
Role: Art Direction and Designer

Branding Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Guidelines

Motion Graphics

The ask

The previous “Saddle Up Weekend” existed for a number of years and INSP was moving into a new era. The ask was simple, examine the current work and develop a new visual strategy to reflect the types of feature films showcased in the weekly event. The timetable was 3-4 months – first step was educating ourselves of the current process between all departments. 

Visual Study

Style guide

The visual strategy was a refreshing of the current design while attracting trackable responses aligning with marketing initiatives. This new look reflects a rough, tough, gun slinger with grit and independent spirited. Capturing the types of films featured. We defined the typeface with custom fonts, embraced a wide variety of color with intentions of shrinking to three primary hues and gradients. Bridging the new with previous elements the rhombus design was focal point. Texture was intended as stand alone, but feedback lead to incorporating throughout the graphic templates. 

Motion package

As mentioned, first task was educating ourselves how graphic designers, motion designers, and the production team work across departments. Mapping this flow of process helped to determine a design system was necessary. Next phase, typically a feedback loop is established and further documentation to prioritize the production teams experience. Last phase is scoping the work correctly, which exchanges hands between production leader and creative leaders. Delivering final set that encompassed 6-8 elements with exponential versions. The project timeline was 2 months with 4 months of design support.  

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